A calf is born

We have been watching Charlotte anxiously for the last six weeks because she has been looking like she was going to drop her calf at any moment - but today was finally the day and we now have a healthy little bull calf who has been christened "T-Bone".  Hubby and I were lucky enough to see the whole birth and get it on video and camera for the kids to see as they were at school.  Mum and bub are both doing fine and we are looking forward to our first hand milking session in a few days.

Dexter Calf being born 5339

Dexter Calf being born 5423

Newborn Dexter Calf 5517

Newborn Dexter Calf 5634

End of the Rainbow | Nature Photography

The end of the rainbow is not a sight that you normally see everyday, but it is something that we have seen a few times over the years.  What is definitely more rare to see is *both* ends of the rainbow, especially when they are in your own front yard!  This was the beautiful view from my front verandah today.

End of the Rainbow 4852

End of the Rainbow  4849

New Additions to the farm

We have wanted to add some cows to our small farm for ages and finally found a couple of Dexter cows not to far from home.  The drought this summer has been very bad so they need to put on some condition, fingers crossed that one or both are in calf because I am planning on training them to be house cows so that we can have our own fresh milk.  I'm sure it's going to be an interesting experience to say the least as I have never owned a cow before let alone trained one to do anything, but I am certainly up for the challenge!

Introducing Charlotte (red), Matilda (black) and a few of our recently born Dorper lambs.

Dexter Cow 4655

Dexter Cow 4669

Dorper Sheep 4641

2010 South West WA Landscape Photography

I can’t help myself, I take photographs of everything around me, both for reference material for my artwork and because my camera is just another medium to create art.

These photos were all taken within a short distance of my home, in the beautiful south west of WA. Enjoy!

Tawny Frogmouth PhotoTawny Frogmouth Photo Stormy Sky over farmlandStormy Sky over farmland South West HarvestSouth West Harvest Evening Shadows over FarmlandEvening Shadows over Farmland SilouhetteSilouhette

2009 Boyup Brook | South West Landscape Photography

I have just changed over from using Photoshop CS4 to Lightroom 2.4 for processing my photographs – all I can say is I wish I had done this sooner! As much as I resist learning new computer programs (fuzzy mummy brain I think), Lightroom is so quick to use compared to CS4, the time out I have taken to learn how to use it is going to be a huge benefit in improving my workflow, especially for batch processing. Here is a selection of the first images that I have processed through Lightroom from my road trip down south to Boyup Brook.

The only nitpick that I have with Lightroom is the watermarking ability or lack thereof. I have purchased the mogrify preset which allows me to use my standard watermark…but it places them at the same location in every image, which can obscure important elements of the photograph. Plus I need to make additional copies of the watermark for different opacity and colours so that I can select slightly more subtle watermarks to suit individual images better…either that or just continue to use CS4 and apply the watermarks manually for each image.

Other than that one issue, I can highly recommend Lightroom to any photographer looking to speed up their workflow.

2009 Boyup Brook Landscape Photos 2009 Boyup Brook Photos 2009 Boyup Brook Photos 2009 Boyup Brook Photos 2009 Boyup Brook Photos 2009 Boyup Brook Photos