End of the Rainbow | Nature Photography

The end of the rainbow is not a sight that you normally see everyday, but it is something that we have seen a few times over the years.  What is definitely more rare to see is *both* ends of the rainbow, especially when they are in your own front yard!  This was the beautiful view from my front verandah today.

End of the Rainbow 4852

End of the Rainbow  4849

2010 South West WA Landscape Photography

I can’t help myself, I take photographs of everything around me, both for reference material for my artwork and because my camera is just another medium to create art.

These photos were all taken within a short distance of my home, in the beautiful south west of WA. Enjoy!

Tawny Frogmouth PhotoTawny Frogmouth Photo Stormy Sky over farmlandStormy Sky over farmland South West HarvestSouth West Harvest Evening Shadows over FarmlandEvening Shadows over Farmland SilouhetteSilouhette